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Everyone knows: the Japanese-people on the head is not quite healthy. Probably, in any people there are not so many people with strange fetishes. Moreover, some things they like so much that this mania, even reality can change. As it happened in the anime series "Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu".nnThe protagonist of this anime-a high school student named soji Mitsuka. He, too, has a thing – girls, stacking hair in two pigtails. The boy likes this hairstyle so much that he was even going to open a fan club at school, where to unite the same madmen as he did. As a young man met a mysterious girl tāoru, which told him a terrible secret. It turns out, in their city from the other reality stormed out people-lizards, hating pigtails.nnThese creatures take the tails of their owner, thereby depriving unsuspecting girls of their mental strength. And only soji can stop the invasion of these creatures. To fight the aliens tauru gives the hero armor Tail Gear. Wearing them, he turns into a mighty warrior Tail Red-red Tail. The caveat is that the warrior looks like a little girl with two red ponytails. But, soji is not confused. He is ready in any guise to fight for the object of his adoration.

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