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People and vampires have always been sworn enemies, but they had to learn to live in peace, because the war was no longer forces. It seemed that the truce came and it is possible to relax, but after some calm opposition inflamed with new force. Just one of the vampires broke the peace Treaty and the war began anew.

the most famous fighter with the vampires and the main enemy Dracula's was Abraham van Helsing. This hunter of evil spirits a daughter, Vanessa, which was handed a gift from his father, a huge force. At some point, the girl plunged into a long sleep, and when I came to, I could not understand where she is, what age and what actually happens. Then it turned out, that the world, in which it proved, enslaved vampires. They seized power over people and strive to ensure that all of them to turn into their own kind of creatures. Ordinary earth inhabitants can not cope with the bloodsuckers, and Vanessa is not quite a simple man. She the only can to confront the vampires, because enters in battle with them. Ahead of her waiting for the difficult tests and dangerous meetings ...

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