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Original Title: One Thousand and One Nights
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Kanal D
Creators: Kudret Sabancı
Description: When the filmmakers started shooting under the name "1001 nights" they used a well-known brand. In fact, the producers made an original and brand new series, taking only the name of the main character from Arab stories.nThe series starts with Scheherazade loses her husband and stays alone with the child in her arms. Ahead of the main character waiting for only the difficulties and dramatic events that a woman must be overcome by any means and methods. Scheherazade is facing problems one after another. After the death of her husband, the main character learns the terrible news-her son is seriously ill. Doctors do not give any forecasts, and the operation requires a huge amount.nThe first idea about who to ask for help — the father of the deceased husband. However, the woman in response is refused. There is one spare option, but it does not guarantee the result. The head of the Scheherazade doesn't want to stay without the participation of and provides the woman with financial assistance. However, in return, requires something that violates moral principles and principles. The Director plans to spend the night with a subordinate, and then allocate the necessary amount of funds. The first reaction the main heroine sharply negative. She asks herself, " How could he make me such an indecent proposal? Why does he think I'm capable of such a step?! Although.."After the anger weakens, the woman begins to realize that perhaps this is the only way to overcome the grief. Scheherazade agrees and spends the night with his boss. The man keeps his word and immediately gives the main character the desired amount.nAfter a while the father of the woman's husband decides to still take part in the treatment of a grandson. However, Scheherazade no longer needs financial support and proudly refuses to offer his father-in-law. Such decision of the daughter-in-law leads to bewilderment of the man. The woman thinks she did the right thing.nAt the same time at work, the main character develops an unpleasant situation. Genuine interest in a woman showing

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