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Recently the two companions have together are too much. They had everything to feel happy, and their friendship became stronger every day. They, like most of the people dream to finally earn more money and begin to live, not to have themselves anything to deny. But the fact is that the legal way is not always possible to earn the desired amount, but because over time they understand that if they do not transgress the line of the law, they will not be able to get what they have long dreamed of, and therefore eventually begin to get everything they dreamed of. these guys are so fond of expensive cars and beautiful girls that eventually even forget about their safety. They're just thinking about making another deal. And soon they are offered to crank one Scam that will allow you to get rich and for a while and do not think about money. So they without hesitation come into this dubious game and soon very much regret that got involved in it all. Only too late, the game began and now it all depends on the guys. But who would have thought that a long-standing friendship will fail and the relationship of the guys will be in doubt. What's all over for them and if they can get out of them?

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