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Ancient Greece, the VIII-th century before Christ. Times of famous heroes, whose life is filled with great feats and dangerous trials. Odysseus reigning in Ithaca starts a great war and goes to the shores of Troy. At home he remains beloved and loving wife Penelope and recently born son.nnMany years have passed in the Siege of Troy. Only the cunning of the Ithaca king allowed the conquerors to defeat the besieged. Odysseus became proud and felt equal with the gods. Pride of hero aroused the wrath of the mighty ruler of the ocean depths of Poseidon, cursed endless wanderings on the seas. Ten long years in his native Ithaca, nothing was known about the fate of Odysseus. And all this time his beautiful wife has to repel the attacks of annoying suitors, inducing her to remarry. Only faithful Penelope believes her beloved Odysseus is alive and will return to her. But every day the claims of those who want to ascend to the throne of Ithaca are becoming more aggressive.nnAdaptation of myths – it is known to be advantageous because the soil is favorable. "Odyssey"is no exception. So, in 1997, the mini-series on this topic in America was filmed by Andrei Konchalovsky, in 2013, the French-Portuguese-Spanish project was launched. And here's a new version of the classic story.

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