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The Internet, whoever said anything, has changed our lives. There are such social types, which previously was impossible to imagine. Hikikomori are young Japanese of both sexes who do not want to lead a real social life. All their existence lies in I-neta. For example, like Sora and Shiro.nnThese brother and sister are legendary hikikomori, Hikki, in a simple way. Plus, they're gamers. And gamers, judging by the prevailing in the network of universal belief, invincible. If in any team enters brother or sister, any battle will won. Deeply imbued with virtual, sore and Shiro consider real life a fake, a game played by the last losers. But one day these icons of the virtual world will have to prove their worth in real life.nnAnother Hickey, who took the nickname God, causes Shiro and Sora to a kind of duel. Battlefield for sister and brother familiar-it's a game. Moreover, any game - from dominoes to poker. Winning is everything. On their guy with down " God " noble – in his Universe there is no wars. That's just the whole of humanity from these virtual toys in reality have to crowd in a single metropolis. Will Shiro and Sora be able to win every time to defend the real world – from which they always ran?

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