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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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Immediately it should be noted that the low ratings exhibited by this multi-series project by some film sites are completely untrue. In fact, this is a cheerful, exciting and very original romantic Comedy on fifty episodes, where the Oriental flavor is skillfully woven into a hilarious plot that will be understandable, interesting and attractive to the viewer of any nationality. It is not clear what guided portals like Imdb, but we propose to discard all doubts and plunge into the world of Turkish exotics, love melodramas, humorous cataclysms and fun pursuit of happiness.When Lale threw right at the altar, breaking his heart and disgraced in front of the world, she decided to put an end to love and seek happiness in other, more prose, classes. But the resourceful mother, the eternal optimist, who wants to babysit her grandchildren, has not lost confidence for a second that her daughter expects great love. The adventurous mother is not going to give up and watch her beloved daughter suffer from loneliness, she asks, begs, itches and whimpers, persuading the distressed beauty to give a chance to love and go on a blind date. After much persuasion, lamentations and appeals to God, romantic feelings prevailed, the heart of the beauty could not stand it and the heroine agreed.Around the same time at the other end of a melodramatic Comedy, another elderly lady tries to find a bride for her son and also drives the heir to a restaurant to meet fate with a stick. Both families from completely different worlds, their children hardly met, met and would have become a couple in love, but there was confusion – a man and a woman who were waiting for other people, were at the same table, felt uncomfortable, drank for courage, then another and a little more. And the next day, the heroes woke up with a headache and in bed. Soon it will become clear what a stupid mistake brought young lovers and what far-reaching consequences gave rise. Or rather, has not yet given birth, but the pregnancy test shows that the stamp in the passport is not, and the child will soon be.

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