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Heroes of the fantastic adventure series based on the superhero comics were the Americans, who were ordinary people, but only until such time as was not irradiated genome H. In their bodies, there have been certain mutations, after which they began to differ from ordinary people. And it all started with the fact that someone Eckhart, who holds the position of commander in chief, decided, using genetic engineering, to create a special army, whose soldiers will be invincible. He quickly brings the idea to life. Everything goes well, but Eckhart himself has time during this time to change his mind and understand that the soldiers created will be too dangerous for ordinary Americans, because he gives the order to destroy them. But the engineer who worked on their creation, does not follow the instructions and saves the lives of his wards. Thus, a unique team is born, which will fight the genome, as well as protect other people with unique abilities. Gradually, the team grows, as the number of unusual people increases, and each of them wants to live.