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American serial detective "Moonlighting" became one of the first foreign series shown on our television. To understand its essence, it is important to know the double meaning of the name of the series: on the one hand it is translated literally "Moonlight" - so called one of the detective agencies in Los Angeles. On the other hand, in slang, this expression means hack work, additional earnings. Here also the dual and the content of serial is a crime and Comedy and parody with elements of the grotesque.nnDetective Agency "Blue moon" is headed by David Addison. He is a professional in his field, a Joker, a ladies ' man and a very loyal boss to his subordinates. However, the owner of the Agency is Maddie Hayes. She is a former fashion model who has accumulated a certain fortune, then invested in several business projects, but turned out to be robbed by a thieving accountant. Now she needs to sell all the enterprises urgently to avoid bankruptcy. And only David persuades her to keep the "Moonlight".nnAnd for this he invites her to take part in the detective work. Maddie agrees, and a new hobby/job grabs her head. Maybe a relationship with David she would grow out of the stage of "sympathy" into something more?