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A small town on the outskirts of Norway has a bad reputation. Here more than several years in a row completely disappear girls and women of different age and appearance. Local police are trying to deal with it, but in fact they do not work. This situation simply can not pass by the attention of the Federal Bureau of investigation, so from the Agency to a small town sent Joel Dyer, a professional in his field and one of the best employees of the Bureau. Soaked in cold city immediately passes on the rumor that the feds still take the case and possible disappearances will come to an end. The assistants from the local police station to Joel put a girl detective named Hedda. The joint efforts of the new companions quickly find the trail of the killer, but to grab him they can not. Instead, a tandem of two fighters for justice finds a huge crypt at the local cemetery, where the killer put the bodies of his victims. Samples taken for a DNA match through the database with those that were taken with personal hygiene items those girls that disappeared. Everything converges and now, when it has taken a serious turn, the attention of many serious organizations and the entire population of the country is focused on Joel and Hedda. Previously, this couple was already familiar and their relationship gave a fair crack, which prevents them both from really working. But, when your actions are under such scrutiny, give up the slack and be distracted by a personal relationship it's like to surrender your badge and to withdraw from the case, and maybe even lose your freedom. Whether Joel and Hedda cross past wrongs and to bring the case to the end?