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Complete TV Series Miss Sherlock by HBO Asia. Seasons included: 1,2 in high quality and low size. Click Scroll to download to select the season.

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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The heroine of the anime "Miss Monochrome" is an idol-Android. As follows from its name, the girl prefers only black and white, wary of others. Since it is Android, it is not normal human food, and electricity. To do this, it needs to periodically recharge the batteries.nnHelps it in this, as and in other household Affairs, Mana. Miss Monochrome somehow pitied her for picking up virtually on the streets and sheltered. But, as you know, do not do good to others, then you will not get evil from them. Mana played on the fact that the heroine wanted to become superpopular: she took most of the savings and disappeared. With the moment life miss Monochrome has changed dramatically: she herself proved on the street. And the castle in which she lived for a long time, was put under the hammer.nnThe heroine decided to become the most recognizable star not from vanity. Millions of years ago she had a close friend Kikuko. They were both idols when life on our planet was destroyed by aliens. Kikuko died, but before death she took with Miss Monochrome promise, that in the future they necessarily again will find each other. And now the heroine must be famous to an old friend to know her, and they reunited.

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