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  • Genres:
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At the beginning of the detective manga "Meitantei Conan" the main character was 17 years old. And then called the character Shinichi Kudo. This boy has a girlfriend, whom he has known since childhood, Ran Mouri. Once young people were on a walk together, which completely changed their lives. Shinichi drew attention to a group of suspicious persons. Noticing his interest, the criminals grabbed the guy and forced him to swallow some pill.nnThat means 17-year-old boy turned into a boy 10 years younger. Kudo immediately ran to the Professor of AGAS, which was very friendly. But even this genius could not return the victim to his normal age. At this time in the house, Agasi appeared upset Wounds. When meeting with her Shinichi was forced to invent a new name Edogawa Conan. He began to live in the house of Mori, of course, not admitting to her who he is really.nnEdogawa Conan needs to figure out who the suspicious people were with their pills. And for this he will have to start fighting with members of The black Syndicate. To help him in this will be the favorite Wounds, her dad named Kogoro COP in the past and Professor AGAS. With their support, the young detective Kogan will be able to unravel the most complex crimes.

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