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Appearing in the early 70-ies, the American TV series "MASH" is still loved by many in the United States and the world. It was filmed in the style of dramedi-a black Comedy, but at the heart of many episodes and plot moves are dramatic moments. The events of the series take place in South Korea, the time of action – the Korean war. But critics believe that allegorically here shows the war in Vietnam, which has become more tragic for Americans than the Korean conflict.nnThe main characters of the series – doctors mobile military hospital. Life is not honey, and the war is not a picnic in the country. Therefore doctors of Mesh as can, brighten up the bleak existence. They do it simple, but the checked methods: by means of alcohol, intrigues and constant jokes over each other – often, quite cruel.nnThe main figure – Dr. pierce. Although he is a military doctor, but with all my heart hates the war and the army. He can be called a pacifist, who was in the center of the fighting only because of his medical duty. This is a rebel who conflicts with hardened military men, spits on subordination, refuses to put on a uniform and take up arms. But he is forgiven a lot because he is a surgeon from God.

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