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Raccoon, better known as the Rocket, has always been distinguished by the fact that got into the adventure due to its nature. In addition, he was well-hung language, and he constantly arranged provocations, liked to make fun of the people around. Naturally, not everyone was destined to endure such a company for a long time. The only one who could make friends with him, it is a silent Groot. In the end, the friendship grew into something more and soon the companions became members of the same team that fights crime, and throughout the universe. on his spaceship friends flew around one planet after another, and each time entered into confrontation. Unfortunately, the police did not approve of their behavior, as it often went beyond the law itself. Wanting to achieve goals, Rocket and Groot constantly neglected all rules. In the fight for honesty and justice for them hunted policemen and leadership accounted for to run away not only from bandits, but and from justice. But even at the risk of their own skins, the team travel couldn't stop.