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The history of the anime series "Marvel Disk Wars: the Avengers" begins with the fact that the half-brother of the God Thor, insidious Loki comes up and begins to successfully implement the next plan to undermine our planet. More and more inhabitants of the Earth are enslaved by invaders. Only the best fighters can effectively resist the evil of the universal scale, that's just where to get them?nnOf course, there are proven warriors, legendary Avengers: these are the well-known Captain America and Iron man, the Wasp and the Incredible Hulk. And also occupying the side of humanity tor. There's just one thing after the other enemies caught characters using super technologies "Drives" and put them in virtual prison. For the happiness of mankind five Japanese guys, using the program "Biocode", released five Avengers from the virtual traps.nnBut students do not stop on the way of Good, do not stay away. Shoulder to shoulder with superheroes they will fight with Loki's army. They will also be joined by Spider-Man, who only manages to avoid capture in the "Discs". This recreated team will be able to decide the fate of the world, protecting it from evil.