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Shooting historical drama series "Marco Polo" was planned to begin in 2012-m to year. The Weinstein brothers, whose film company decided to launch the production of the project, initially planned to cooperate with the Starz TV channel, but for some reason this cooperation did not take place until the end. Then Weinstine turned to Netflix, which has signed a new agreement.nnAs the name implies, this is a biographical (taking into account how accurately you can now recreate the events of seven centuries ago) series. Marco Polo is one of the most famous seafarers and explorers in the world history. The historical TV show mainly presents his young years. That period of his life he spent in China at the Palace of Kublai Khan. It was the last quarter of the XIX century – the time of greed, universal betrayal, sexual unbridledness and eternal rivalry.nnAccording to the creators, this historical drama equally shows political games at court, and large-scale military battles. The inspirer and producer of the series was the famous John Fusco (wrote the basis for the scenario "Young shooters"). The picture is also the audience of the claims should not be, because among other Directors filming was directed by Daniel Minahan, before participating in the iconic "Game of thrones" and "grey's Anatomy".

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