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The simple ritual of unpacking becomes a deadly danger. Americans are caught off guard by the manipulation of a daring killer. The pest has a sly, catch the victim by surprise. Employees of airlines and prestigious universities receive a lot of correspondence. It is these driving forces of social development decided to undermine the offender. Jim understands that started "the Hunt for the Unabomber season 1" will be the crowning achievement of his career or the collapse of long-term race for a Ghost. Persistent FBI agent tries to highlight the key features of the attacker, but suddenly the killer throws investigators a significant lead.the Terrorist demands the immediate publication of a Manifesto. The author's text of the anarchist is required to be published in popular publications of the state. The authorities hope to delay such assistance to the blackmailer, but the stubborn again throws the wounded bodies of innocent victims to the persecutors and laughs at the inaction of opponents. Realizing that each target enemy hangs on the conscience of law enforcement, the detective is going to catch a recidivist on his own craving for recognition. The intricate maze of investigation allows the detective to piece together evidence and facts to expose the troublemaker.

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