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With the place name Manhattan the modern viewer, one Association is the historic core of new York city, a rich area in which they live, the stars, the rich and authorities. But the series of 2014 is not about this, as you might think. There was another "Manhattan" in the history of America - a top-secret project, as a result of which in 1945 the world's first atomic bomb dropped on Japan was developed.nnThe genre of "Manhattan" can be defined as a scientific drama. A group of scientists, led by Professor Frank winter, in secret laboratories working on the creation of nuclear weapons. In Los Alamos, they are largely isolated from the outside world – a requirement of secrecy. These people are pressured not only by constant supervision, but also by the realization of what kind of monster they sculpt. In this atmosphere, in which you need to carefully protect their secrets, and if necessary, and lie, the series is somewhat similar to the "Bates Motel".nnIn the end, the bomb, which will be dubbed "Kid" will be released, and it will destroy two cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki and hundreds of thousands of people – dead and survivors. This is known from history, there is no mystery here. Therefore, the authors of "Manhattan" focus on the drama of the work and the relationship of the creators of the most terrible at that time weapons on Earth.

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