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Youth series on sports topics are quite common in America. And "Make It or Break It" is one of them. Alternative translation of the TV movie - "Achieve or break" accurately conveys its essence. The action takes place in the Colorado town of boulder. It is famous for one of the best, most equipped bases in the country for honing the skills of young gymnasts.nnHere the whole scattering of Olympic hopes in this sport trains. Three girls are particularly promising. First, this Payson Keeler is a hardworking and determined gymnast, which sets appropriate goals. Secondly, Kaylee Cruz is a talented athlete, and also a beauty who loves to be the center of attention. And finally, Lauren Tanner-an extremely ambitious person, always competing in everything and with everyone.nnThese three are used to that they have no worthy competitors. However, the situation changes with the appearance of Emily Kmetko in boulder. This dark horse is capable of a lot. Naturally, the former leaders do not like this threat. Especially the appearance of a talented newcomer annoyed Lauren, who begins to get her on every occasion. Here are Emily's fighting spirit and the offense it will not be given to anyone.

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