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Complete TV Series MAJOR 2nd by NHK Educational TV. Seasons included: 1,2 in high quality and low size. Click Scroll to download to select the season.

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  • Genres:
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Once there is not only our Earth and its inhabitants, but also in General matter. At one point, Mazzin created the existing world. Since then, the world began to develop according to its own laws. But the Creator Mazzin disappeared in an unknown direction. But now it's time for him to come back. Both the cause and the consequences of his reappearance on Earth have become catastrophic events.nnThe revival of Madina led to the war of light and dark forces. On the good side stood a simple Japanese schoolboy named Shogo Ryƫjin. By means of a Bone card he got the power of the Creator of all things. Using this artifact, he can turn bone warrior Draconomicon. The boy is opposed by rather big forces-a Legion of soldiers Of the black bone. But he is not alone in the struggle for the victory of Light on our planet: he has the help of comrades, United in an army of White Bone.nnBone Mazina not just led to discord among mankind. Her appearance in the modern world, with all her power, caused a real battle. SOHO, was hardly ready for such a fate. However, the rock does not choose someone to do the characters of the story. And if you got under the hand of the Creator of Madina, then don't complain.

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