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  • Crime
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Science has always been against magic. First, the magic held in their chains the minds of the people, then this feature caught science. At the end of the last century mankind faced two main problems: lack of natural resources and banal resettlement of the planet. Both tasks of salvation of the human race science could not solve. Then, as this anime series tells, the Third World war broke out. And already its winners began to decide the fate of the world.nnThese winners have become transnational corporations and the magical clans. Now the power of the country began to depend not on the number of nuclear warheads and the availability of wizards. In Japan, the novice magicians are taught in school at the Tokyo University of magic. Miyuke Shiba immediately same engulfed in an elite group, - called here "flowers." Her older brother Tatsuya defined in "weeds" a group that collects those who are considered devoid of magical abilities. But the guy was willing to study patiently.nnHis perseverance has done its job: he had success in school, and his charisma has brought popularity among the students of the school. But along with the fame came and envy less successful "flowers". The patience of the envious ended when the informal leader of the "weeds" was invited to the school Board.

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