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The whole world has long been studied, the only exception is one place – an anomaly called the Abyss, which is fraught with a lot of dangers. Researchers have visited the deepest ocean glades and have long studied the length and breadth of the highest mountains of the planet, but the anomaly as it was, and remains a mystery to them. The entrance is always open and everyone knows where it is, but the monsters and monsters living in it are usually not welcome. In the Abyss and then go excursions brave scientists, but given the danger, they have a few years failed to even create a rough map of the territory of these lands. One thing is certain-the anomaly is a lot of minerals, and it is a real source of resources. This makes there, and then slip the daredevils and daredevils dreaming to get rich. The main character named Rico lives at the anomaly and dreams to get there. Her mother was once a famous scientist, however, lost in the void many years ago. That's why she wants to get there to try to find out something about her mother and simultaneously feel like it. Plunge into the fauna and flora of an unfamiliar place, following in the footsteps of the one that still loves with all my heart.