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As a child, David Heller, the main character of the series, realized that he was different from other people. It concerns his mental state. The man was examined by different doctors, diagnosed, and then all agreed on schizophrenia, because he hears in his head other people's voices telling him what to do. And the hero sees different pictures in his head, which seem to him a reality. It drives him crazy because David can't live a normal life.
Hero grew up and became an adult man. Now he can try to figure out what is going on in his head and subconscious. He highlights a few more personalities who periodically come to the fore. And yet each of them has its own characteristics and superpowers, manifested in certain situations. When activated any of the personalities, the hero begins to do what he is not typical, and if he tries to resist them, then the noise begins from the voices in his head. It is these personalities and show David a picture of the world, which is hidden from other people. And he's not crazy, he's just a mutant ...

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