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Original Title: La tormenta
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Telemundo
Creators: Carolina Diaz,Isamar Hernández,Tabare Perez,Alejandro Vergara,Humberto 'Kiko' Olivieri
Description: A group of young college pre aims to summer courses taught his school in a remote with the intention of improving their final average grade center. There are teaching classes in the morning and sports and leisure activities in the afternoons. Following a debate on the growing xenophobia in Spain due to the increasing number of immigrants and the difficulties of finding work by the economic crisis, the civics teacher proposes an experiment called "Storm" to implement the birth and development this new evil that afflicts our society; and the terrible consequences that can trigger if not tackled in time. The mechanism is simple, and divided the class into two groups, national or "superior" aliens or "inferior". The goal to be achieved as much as others, are the privileges of food, shelter, and access to books to prepare for exams. There are students from other ethnic groups entering the national group and vice versa. What at first is nothing but a game becomes something unusual and uncontrollable that transforms the playful and educational aspect of the courses in a machine military court where competition and excellence stand as unique values. Teachers lose control and end up facing two groups reaching out the worst and best of each, until the situation becomes untenable.

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