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Original Title: Fantaghirò
Channel: SAT.1,Canale 5,kabel eins
Creators: Lamberto Bava,Gianni Romoli
Description: Princess Fantaghirò TV fairy tale film in five parts with Mario Adorf and well-known guest stars. In his fairy tale kingdom, the king wants nothing more than a male heir. But his wife brings the girl Fantaghiro to the world. When she years later denies a marriage, it is violated in the forest. There she gets to ride like a man and fight. In a duel it enters disguised against Prince Romualdo, the son of her father's adversary. Both fall in love, but their wedding brings the united kingdom still no peace. Evil forces trying to usurp power. Princess Fantaghirò is the youngest and rebellious daughter of the good-natured king. In the forest she meets the White Witch, how to fight properly. In this case, it is observed by Prince Romualdo, the immortal falls into it. Fanciful, extremely well-made fairy tale miniseries.

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