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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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The main character of the Turkish series "Her name is Zehra" Zehra grew up and was brought up in Germany and has European traditions in their values of life, her family was very strict and therefore the education of the girl is appropriate, they were displaced from Turkey. But once disillusioned with her daughter believing that she disgraced their honor and it is damage, they decided to get rid of it and kill. The heroine was beaten and left to die alone, feeling only fear and bewilderment, but she was lucky and Zehra was found alive by police, only without documents.
from the Istanbul Embassy in Berlin, they call Shule Kurdoglu, a famous businessman, to look at the girl. They'll all be sure it's Hande, the daughter who went missing years ago. Zehra realizing that this is her only chance for salvation would prefer to remain silent, so as not to fall into the hands of his family again, but she can not understand how his own mother did not notice that this is a stranger, are they so similar to her missing Hande. And what happened to the woman's real daughter? Now Zehra wants to know the truth and conduct its investigation, but while it is waiting for a huge mansion, which keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries.