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More recently, it would seem that a group of children constantly mocked his classmate. Once one of the guys and all offered the girl to meet and gave her hope that she will be beside him incredibly happy. Only soon the guy played enough, and decided that he did not need this relationship, because he preferred to part with the girl, without even thinking about what she would have to go through and what feelings she would experience at this moment. The girl might have forgiven him for this act, if after this he and his comrades did not constantly make fun of her. she endured it for A long time, but at some point she couldn't stand it and decided it was time to end it once and for all. The girl took his own life, but his attackers she had not, and especially for them, recorded tapes, which contain the 13 reasons why she committed such an act. Not to listen to all these tapes guys can not, but with each they are approaching the moment when they have to answer for everything they have done in the past. The guy wants to do everything to save his comrades and not let his ex-lover kill them all. But will he be able to realize what mistakes he made in the past in order to save all his comrades, or because he does not want to admit his guilt in this case, all the characters will answer for what they have done and they are waiting for a very cruel reckoning?

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